Awesome Cat Houses

Featuring the “Catnip Dispensary” and the “Milk Bar” designs for your little party animal!



The Medicate Catnip Dispensary

Introducing the first ever Catnip Dispensary for your cat!  Cats work hard day in and day out to put a smile on our faces.  Reward them for all their hard work with the Medicate Catnip Dispensary — a place for them to unwind at the end of the day and put their mind at ease.

The Milk Bar

Everyone enjoys a fun night out at their favorite watering hole, but is it fair that our cats get left home alone? With the Milk Bar, your cat will now have a late night hangout of their very own — all cats deserve a place to party, too!

“Had the best night of my nine lives last night at the Milk Bar —
place was out of control! Can’t wait to go back!”

– Gizmo

Photo Ops

We all love to share pics and videos of our furry little friends.  With our custom cut out windows and fun graphics, MEOWSES provide you and your cat with endless hilarious photo ops to post and share with all your friends!

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Easy to Assemble

Assembles in under 30 seconds
with no glue or special tools required.


• Interior dimensions are 12.5″ x 15″ x 19″

• The perfect space for your cat to stand, sit or lie down in

• Stable and lightweight — can be easily moved around your home

• Made from eco-friendly corrugate materials

• Custom die-cut design folds flat for easy shipping and storage

• 100% made in the USA and 100% awesome!


“After a long day of scratching, clawing, jumping, and cleaning my fur, there is nothing
better than a visit to the Catnip Dispensary to put my mind at ease.”

– Socks

Our Story

MEOWSES are fun, functional, and space saving cat houses with truly unique designs that would serve as a conversation piece in any cat lover’s home.

Cats have an endless fascination with boxes and as designers, we knew we could use this canvas to create a product in line with our lifestyles, giving us the opportunity to create something that would be fun for both our cats and us.

We are proud to say 100% of the design and manufacturing is done right here in the USA!

Thank you for checking out MEOWSES – Awesome Cat Houses! We are very excited to launch our first two design this year!

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